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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Download Skyfire 3.1.0 Web Browser for iPhone

Skyfire web browser application icon
Although the incremental designation of Skyfire 3.1.0 would have you think it’s a minor maintenance update, the developers say otherwise.

Skyfire, the iOS web browser that puts Flash on your iPhone or iPad, is now translated and accessible in seven new languages: Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean & Spanish.

The new app includes a tool that enables customers to immediately contact Skyfire engineers and let them know of a non-working Flash site, or video

“We are continually striving to add more supported video sites & players each day – Our new video support flow makes it easy for users to connect directly with our engineers and support team for optimum customer service and to identify sites that need our immediate attention,” the developers say.

A Related-Sites feature is also available.

Skyfire developers pledge to continue to address sites that need attention, but for those sites that still don’t work properly, “we are now making discovery of Skyfire supported sites accessible with the touch of the ‘Related Sites’ button,” the company notes.

Users can now immediately search the web for comparable video sites and content by clicking the ‘Related Sites’ button.

Finally, Skyfire Labs points out to the new User Agent Interface, explaining that the app now offers easy access to all three user agent options.

The new functionality gives users flexibility to unlock more video content, as well as easier toggling to accommodate browsing via iPhone, Desktop or iPad view, the company says.

Last updated March 4, Skyfire also includes integration with Facebook’s social graph and “Like Button.”

It shows them in every webpage and allows users to check their profiles, “Like” or share any Internet content, see content recommended by their friends, and view rich multimedia and links.

The recent update also allows users to instantly see what content is most popular on any given site.

Download Skyfire for iOS

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