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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fix Bad Sector in Hard Disk

Got a problem bad sectors on your computer hard drive? If yes, do not sentence you to death before the hard drive before trying out the software tools, Repair HDD Bad Sector on this one. Because the program is under DOS is able to detect the bad sectors on your hard drive for further improvement.

Because the workings of this program through DOS mode, you must run it through the boot cd of this software. Once entered into the initial display screen of the program, you can select the start-up that you want. As shown in the picture below.

In addition to supporting the drivers on the CD / DVD ROM, the program also supports the FAT32 and NTFS partitions.

Next after selecting the menu Start-Up, will appear below the main menu. From this menu you can start checking on your hard drive.

Below is the process of checking the HDD Bad Sector Repair, if the programs get the part that is corrupt on the disk (bad sectors), then automatically the program will make improvements on the part of bad sectors.

Repair HDD Bad Sector Processing

For the record, the download link Repair HDD Bad Sector in image format (ISO). So after downloading extract the file (rar) first, then you can just burn through the usual offering programs you use. Next do the boot from the CD to run the program.

Repair HDD Bad Sector

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