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Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Faceless Java PDF Library 2.11.15

Brothersoft Editor: The Big Faceless Java PDF Library is the smartest Java PDF library for creating, editing, displaying and printing Acrobat PDF documents. The PDF API is small, fast, easy to use and integrate into your projects, and is completely written in Java.

* Product Overview

The PDF Library reads and writes PDFs up to version 1.7 (Acrobat 8.0) and boasts a dynamic range of features including:

Transparent Unicode support - Create documents in Arabic, Russian or Japanese as easily as English.
TrueType and Type1 fonts, with subsetting for smaller files. Great for OCR
PDF Encryption, for password-protected documents (40 and 128 bit RC4 or AES)
Embed JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or java.awt.Image images, or add Barcodes directly to the PDF
Use Spot colors, calibrated ICC Profiles and other advanced Colorspace
Add HTML-style Hyperlinks to text or images
Process 1000+ words a second with kerning, ligatures, justification and "Curly quotes" for legibility
Simplify complex document creation by defining and applying "Styles"
Full support for PDF features like bookmarks, compression and document meta-information
Non-linear creation of documents - pages can be created and edited in any order.

* PDF Library Extended Edition

The extended edition of the Java PDF Library offers additional features:

Load and edit existing PDF documents, as templates or merge with others
Create and edit interactive Forms, or "AcroForm"
Digitally sign documents, or verify existing digital signatures. you can free download Big Faceless Java PDF Library 2.11.15 now.

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