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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DoubleSafety 4.5

DoubleSafety is a program for automatic data backup. With an effortless user interface, you can store backups on your hard drive or use a local area network, send them to an FTP server or write to a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray/HD-DVD. You can also automatically encrypt data using the 256-bit AES algorithm.

Benefits of using DoubleSafety:

  • Thought-out interface;
  • Powerful and flexibly customizable scheduler;
  • Encrypting with the AES standard;
  • Uploading backups to an FTP server;
  • Writing backups to CD/DVD and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD;
  • Version control;
  • Incremental and differential backup;
  • Open files backup.
Download DoubleSafety 4.5

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