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Sunday, April 3, 2011

GoverLAN Remote Control

The GoverLAN Remote Control product has been adopted by large organizations throughout the world as their enterprise wide remote control solution. This is because Goverlan Remote Control has been designed to be implemented effortlessly and securely in the enterprise. Automatic agent deployment / maintenance as well as global configuration setting distribution allows you to use Goverlan Remote Control from Day 1, without requiring you to spend time and money on implementation.

- Organize your machines
The Favorites panel allows you to configure machine objects in order to quickly access them whenever needed. Adding machines to the Favorites list is very flexible. You can configure domain machine accounts, import machine names from a file or even use the Goverlan IP Scanner to add machines from a network segment.
- The Favorites panel is also used to perform administrative tasks on a remote machine. You can manage the client agents, view remote session History logs, open a Chat session or send an instant message.
- Remote Control multiple machines simultaneously
Goverlan allows you to remote control multiple machines simultaneously. When doing so, each remote control session is nested within it own tab in the workspace which can be reorganized in many ways.
- Multi-monitors client support
Remote controlling a machine equipped with two or more monitors is fully supported by Goverlan. A monitor selector is automatically displayed in a non-intrusive fashion allowing you to switch the Focus from one screen to another in real-time.
- Send Instant Messages
It is sometimes necessary to warn a user before you remote control their machine. Goverlan provides a instant messaging mechanism which allows you to display a text message on the client's screen prior to or during a remote control session.

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