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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Download Now Playing v3.8.1.2 Plugin for Winamp Regged


Now Playing v3.8.1.2 Plugin for Winamp Regged-BLiZZARD
Click on it while listening to your music and you will be presented with artist biographies, discographies, videos, news, streaming playback and recommendations. This plugin monitors the song you are listening to and publishes the data in various ways. Read the description for more info. Winamp not only provides one of the most customizable players in the world but it also enhances your listening experience with Now Playing. The Now Playing feature provides contextual information around your music catalog.

- Creates a XML file with information on that song. A file called now_playing.xml
is created in your Now Playing plugin directory.
- The plugin also offers you the ability to FTP/SFTP that file to a server
of your choosing after its updated.
- Create a ping with the song information.
- Post information on Twitter.

The idea is that you publish the XML up to your web server and then
through some scripting magic, you can display your currently playing
song or your recently played tracks. To make your web site more interactive,
the plugin also retrieves the following information for you to use:

- URL of the album image cover art from Amazon.com (if found).
- Link to the Amazon.com product page for the CD (if found).
- Link to the Apple iTunes Music Store product page with the song
highlighted within iTunes (if found).

Release name: Now.Playing.v3.8.1.2.Plugin.for.Winamp.Regged-BLiZZARD
Size: 2.23 MB

Install Notes
unpack & install
use the following infos to register

E-mail: blz@stillrox.de

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