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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sony Releases XBA Series Headphones

   When it comes to audio quality, it seems that people may have different preferences. This can become more obvious through choice of headphones. While a certain set of headphones may do for one person, it might not be that sufficient for the other. This is primarily the reason why Sony has recently launched a new XBA series of headphones, set to cater to the different audio quality needs of its customers.

The recent announcement of the new Sony XBA Series of headphones may be a bit too much with a selection of seven different headphones introduced, Sony may have done so with reason. The seven new Sony XBA headphones cater to the different needs of users.

The Sony XBA-1 headphone is the simplest of the group containing a single full range driver for quality sound output. The Sony XBA-2 features an added woofer driver for bigger bass sounds. The Sony XBA-3 features an added tweeter to capture those high frequency sound range and a better sound mix. The Sony XBA-4 comes with an added super-woofer those deeper bass sounds.

Then there’s also the Sony XBA-NC85D with its noise canceling features, the SonyXBA-S65 designed for sporty types with its waterproofing features, and the Sony XBA-BT75 which is the wireless Bluetooth headphone in the series. The Sony XBA Series of headphones is expected to be made available primarily in Asia sometime in November. Is is expected to cost from US$100 to US$475, depending on the type that one prefers.

Image Source: Sony


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