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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

“Invisible Key” Unlocks by Hand Gestures

A faculty member from an institute in Taiwan has developed a technology that enables a person to unlock a door with a simple hand gesture. Tsai Yao-Pin of Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan introduces the “invisible key,” which uses a special chip-and-accelerometer combo integrated into the lock.

The chip is able to track users’ hand movements in three dimensions, and these gestures can be saved for future use. Users can simply flash these saved hand motions in front of the lock to deactivate it. With the “invisible key” concept, Tsai and his school won the Gold Award at the Taipei International Invention Show last weekend.

The invention does sound innovative on paper, but like physical keys, hand movements can be duplicated.

Source: Geek, via TechCrunch

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