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Friday, October 14, 2011

Motorola Z-Wave Monitoring Service Comes to Verizon Broadband

Verizon broadband subscribers can enjoy the power of controlling their homes while they are away by adding Motorola’s Z-Wave-based 4Home automation system in their existing packing. For a monthly fee of $10, users can monitor their home through wireless cameras, unlock doors for family and guests, and adjust the thermostat all through a web-connected tablet or smartphone.
The basic Home Monitoring Kit will cost you $70, which includes a wireless camera and a single light control. Meanwhile, the Energy Control Kit ditches the wireless camera for a thermostat and energy reader for $170. If you want all of the above, get the Home Monitoring and Control Kit for $220. Additional cameras, as well as door locks and window sensors, are sold individually.
Source: Motorola and Verizon, via Engadget

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