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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nokia Kinetic Prototype Bends and Twists

Visitors at the Nokia World exhibit got a surprise as a prototype product is prominently displayed in the showroom. The smartphone-like Nokia Kinetic has something that Apple and Samsung will not sue for patent infringement: A flexible OLED display.
The device comes with an OLED display that can be bent and twisted to access menus, programs, and apps. This screen may have come from Sonyor sourced from another manufacturer. Twist the device in opposite directions with both hands, for instance, to scroll through photo and music albums. Bend the display inward or outward and you can control zoom for photos, as well as activate pause and play functions. Tap the corners to pan through images.
Before you get so excited, CNET reports that Nokia Kinetic is strictly in prototype phase and will unlikely become an actual product (unless there is a clamor for it, I’m sure). Watch this YouTube clip for a demonstration.
Source: CNET, via TechCrunch

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