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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vertu Constellation Luxury Phone

There are also mobile phones that are created and designed to attract a certain type of consumer. Apart from phones designed for the typical consumer, there are also phones that are geared for use by professionals, for the outdoors type and many others. Those with money to burn usually look for a mobile phone that not just anybody can have or afford, just for the sake of it. Luxury mobile phone brand Vertu has provided a new model for the rich to ogle at with the new Vertu Constellation.
The Vertu Constellation is a unique phone that oozes with luxury and elegance based by its looks. Most of its body is surrounded by black alligator skin bordered by precious metals for a body. And for those who don’t know, Vertu is Nokia’s division for its luxury cell phones. And because of this, the Vertu Constellation runs on Nokia’s proprietary Symbian OS.
The Vertu Constellation comes with a3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen coated with a luxurious sapphire crystal surface. It also comes with an 8MP camera with a twin LED flash and HSPA+, Wifi and Bluetooth support. Since it is a luxury phone, the Vertu Constellation comes at a steep price. The price may start at around 1,000 UK Pounds or around US$1,590.
Image Source: Engadget

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