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Friday, April 1, 2011




Hydravision™ is software for ATI video cards which helps to manage a multi-monitor environment. It will enable to customize your pc’s desktop to improve the way you work.
The user can increase the width of the desktop work-place up to two monitors; which may be very useful. As a translator I use one window for dictionaries and web references and in the second monitor I place the documents I work with, so it helps me to save time when I don't have to continuously switch between windows.
The software has a hot-key section that determines the behavior of pop-up windows and dialog boxes in different applications.
Home users can read two documents at the same time, you can read your mails while you surf the net and wait until your video at youtube is finally loaded.
Some games may allow you to have images in both monitors. So if you are playing a racing game you can have the road in one and in the other such data as your car’s status as well as the track’s layout and so on.
If you are designer and you use software for such purpose, you can place an image in one monitor and the toolbars in the second monitor. If you are a programmer you can place your code in one monitor and the help or manual on the other.
Finally, there are many uses for this software but whatever you may use it for, it will be have a great outcome!


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