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Friday, April 1, 2011

Update Service 2.1

Update Service 2.1

Update Service 2.1

The Sony Ericsson Update Service application is a convenient way to easily update your phone’s software. Update Service helps you to install the latest available software to improve performance of the phone. You can access the Update Service application over the Internet from your computer. Update your phone to provide its optimal performance and get access to new functions. You can download Update Service program from the support developer’s site. When you install and start the application on your PC, this utility will allow choosing one of the languages from the list and updating phone software for it. To work with the utility you need Internet connection. This program offers step by step illustrated guide. The SIM-card should be out during the update process of the phone. Update Service support both Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. In addition to Internet connection, requires DCU-65 USB cable and for updating PC cards you need a PC card slot. Also you will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your PC. The size of the updates software for the phone depends on model.

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